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Pickleball at MCC

Maplecrest Pickleball
Wednesday Open Play

Open to Maplecrest members who have played before.
(There will be other playing opportunities for complete beginners, so stay tuned.)

The spirit of Open Play is that everyone gets to play with different players in a recreational and fun setting. The objective of Open Play is to have people learn from playing with others.

To Begin
Fill up the courts as you arrive, if courts are full, stack your paddle in the rack left to right to get get in the queue.

Court Rotation
We will play winners stay and split, losers place paddle back on the rack for next up. If you have won 3 games in a row, please rotate off and join the queue again.

If there are 9 or more waiting, all four rotate off and the next four will play.

We want to have fun, be inclusive, and play some good pickleball.

Court Rentals
Court rental is available outside of Open Play times. Contact the Golf Shop (574-533-1925) to make reservations.